Camden Freeholder Director Will Back Murphy, Not Law Partner Steinhardt

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Louis Cappelli says he’s a lifelong Democrat and will back the governor for re-election

By David WildsteinDecember 11 2020 8:09 pm

Camden County Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli, Jr., one of South Jersey’s most influential Democratic elected officials, has made it clear that he will back Gov. Phil Murphy and not his law partner, Doug Steinhardt.

Steinhardt announced today that he will seek the Republican nomination for governor.

“I’m a lifelong Democrat and I will be supporting Governor Murphy for re-election,” Cappelli told the New Jersey Globe. “I enjoy a great business partnership with Doug but Governor Murphy will get my support in 2021.”

Cappelli is the second partner at Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt & Cappelli to announce their endorsement of Murphy.  Former Gov. Jim Florio told the NJ Globe on Friday that he was also supporting Murphy.

Steinhardt, the Republican State Chairman and a strong supporter of President Donald Trump, is unlikely to seek Democratic support as he campaigns among GOP primary voters.

Florio had an upside-down 21%-44% approval rating among Republicans in a 2018 Monmouth University poll, 25 years after leaving office.

The same poll had former Gov. Chris Christie also upside-down among Republicans, 43%-48%, which means he was more unpopular among Republicans than Florio.

Former Gov. Thomas Kean, who has been out of office for 30 years, had approval ratings of 58%-7% among Republicans in that poll.

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