Insider NJ’s County COVID-19 Data Center: Morris County Surpasses 17,000 Cases Total as of Monday

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Welcome to Insider NJ’s New Jersey County COVID-19 Data Center, where you will find the latest information from the state’s 21 counties.  We’ll update this page each time a county has released updated information on its COVID-19 data.  This will allow all the information to be housed in one central place, while making it easier for the reader to find the most recent updates without having to search the site.  You can scroll through the below to see all the counties, or you click your choice below to be taken directly to that county’s place on the page. Please note that some counties do not release data on a daily basis, but rather every few days or weekly. In addition, you’ll find the statewide totals and county list below the county links.  For other updates, follow Insider NJ’s COVID-19 Information Update Center.

NOTE: Updated will be posted (when available) Monday-Thursday 


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