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Morris Township’s first Democratic mayor returns to role, committeeman joins as deputy

MORRIS TOWNSHIP — Deputy Mayor Jeff Grayzel and Committeeman Mark Gyorfy will take on top leadership roles in the township next year, officials say.

Grayzel, who became the township’s first Democratic mayor in 2019 and has been deputy mayor in 2020, will return to the mayoral seat next year, and Gyorfy will serve as deputy mayor. The one-year roles are selected by the Township Committee, which chooses the mayor and deputy mayor for the coming year.

“We have undertaken numerous initiatives to improve the quality of life in Morris Township and will continue to address the issues our residents care about,” Grayzel said.

Earlier this year, Grayzel announced his run for Senate in New Jersey’s 25th District but lost the Democratic nomination to Rupande Mehta of Denville. He was elected to his third term on the Township Committee last year and became the first Democrat since 1973 to serve in the traditionally Republican body after winning a controversial special election in 2007.

Morris Township Committeeman-elect Jeffrey Grayzel.

A former Bristol-Myers Squibb executive with experience in system design, marketing and international business development, Grayzel is president of a private medical-device development firm.

“Mark and I are honored to serve the community, and we are always available to hear from residents about issues they may have or their ideas for improving Morris Township,” Grayzel said.

Morris Township Committeeman-elect Mark Gyorfy.

Born and raised in town, Gyorfy was first elected to the Township Committee in 2018 at age 26. He has served as a township volunteer firefighter for over a decade and chaired the township’s communications, legislative and infrastructure committees over the past two years. Gyorfy is also a former legislative staffer for 8th District Rep. Albio Sires and currently works in the financial services industry. He lives in the Burnham Park neighborhood with his wife, Kelly.

Morris County Democrats: Morris County Voters Should Not Be Fooled

PARSIPPANY – Thursday, the Morris County Republican Committee announced a local version of Donald Trump’s famed “Voter Fraud Task Force”. Morris County voters should not be fooled. MCRC’s task force has nothing to do with voter confidence, and everything to do with internal MCRC confidence.

Republicans in Morris County have lost over 30 elected offices to Democrats in recent years. Towns such as Parsippany, Morris Township, the Chathams, Mendham, and Mountain Lakes, which had no Democrats elected to office a few years ago, have seen substantial Democratic gains. Morris County is changing, and Republican elected officials have refused to keep pace with the will of the voters.

Meanwhile, Morris County Democrats are organized, engaged, and listening to the concerns of our constituents. That’s why our party has won over the former GOP strongholds mentioned above. The year-to-year trends are clear, and Republican Mayors and councilmembers have lost confidence in MCRC’s ability to win elections.

Next year, MCRC will face divisive primaries for Governor, Legislative District 26, and Parsippany Mayor, to name a few. In the wake of these brewing contests, this task force is nothing more than a flailing attempt to maintain control of an antiquated and deteriorating organization.

While Morris Republicans are busy blaming election officials for the county’s changing political landscape, Democrats will be meeting with voters of all political affiliations to improve the quality of life for our residents. We look forward to many more years of progress in Morris County, and thank our candidates and elected officials for always putting our residents first.